The Aging Eye

The Aging Eye

  1. Did you know our eyes are a window to our health?
  2. Good Eye Health = Good Vision
  3. Vision can change with age


  • The goal as we “get on in years” is to be able to stay active and vibrant. Adopting a healthy lifestyle of eating properly, exercising and yearly health evaluations including yearly eye examination help with this goal.


  • The eyes are the only place in the body where we can actually see your blood vessels. For that reason, many health issues effecting other parts of the body can be observed in the eyes and sometimes before that disease is known to you. Medication side effects can affect your vision too.


  • Your eye examination includes: checking the front of the eyes making sure that the cornea is healthy without tear malfunction, the internal natural lens of the eye is clear without cloudiness or cataract, the optic nerve is not damaged due to glaucoma or other factors, and the central vision of the eye is not impaired from retinal changes or macular degeneration.


  • Keeping your eyes healthy will insure your most important sense – sight!


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Content provided by the American Optometric Association Health Promotion Committee